Who We Are?

GAMM Holding is an established business house in the Netherlands specializing in supply of lighting products. Our mission is to work on energy efficiency as well as environmental protection by focusing on developments of LED products in lighting industry. We present a wide range of options for various lighting needs. Here at GAMM everybody is committed to our core values of integrity, quality and trust.
Our products are designed, manufactured and tested by experienced engineers and skilled workers. We use high quality materials and the most up to date technology to ensure our products meet high standards of lighting industry. Several millions of Mitreh LED lamps and fixtures have been used in Asia for the past few years; the rich history which was optimized for European Market.

Quality over Quantity

High Quality Products

Presenting high quality products to make a positive change in places that you live or work is our ambition. Our products are presented to European market by “MITREH” as a brand name which stands for the source of energy in Sanskrit. We have chosen the mixture of Navi blue and Bumblebee yellow colors for the packaging; this mixture is a resemblance for the integration of blue sky and sun glimmers.

Efficient Products

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode; these diodes produce a light which is currently the most popular lighting option. In terms of energy consumption and lifespan, LED lights are more efficient than previous lighting generations, such as incandescent lamps or Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL). Mitreh LEDs are eco-friendly as they are mercury free and have no toxic materials.

Certified Products

All Mitreh LEDs are designed to be above 80 in terms of Color Rendering Index. The efficiency (lumen per watt) of our lamps are at least 90lm/w or above. Mitreh LED lamps are manufactured for ambient temperatures of -20 °C to +40 °C. We have specified a color constancy of < 6 SDCM (Standard Deviation of Color Matching) which is usually done by top LED brands. We are CE and RoHs certified for European markets.